Very Touched

Sometimes I read my email and am literally brought to tears by the touching notes I get from people. I know it sounds kind of lame to be a cry baby but I am really blessed to touch people with music and when they let me know, it just gets emotional. Sorry, I cry sometime, but I'll still whip your ass. Ha ha.

I had a message from a guy this week who said his brother was a huge fan of mine and had recently passed away. Before he had passed away he was talking about my album and one of he shows he had gone to with his girl. The family played my song Butterfly (off Amen to the Blues) at his funeral and they were wondering if I could play it this Friday Night in Lubbock at our live show. Then he sent me a picture of his brother that was taken at one of our shows and I knew exactly who he was. It's really saddens me that such a young man died. But it moves me to know that my song Butterfly sent him off to Heaven and that the family will always think of that song when they think of the departed.

Today I got another message from a friend of mine that said his father had passed away last night. He had left the hospital for a short bit and was gone when his dad died. They had called him back to the hospital. He said he played "Just a Douche" all the way to the hospital in his car just to keep his eyes dry. I'm just glad that the music I write serves a purpose. That's why I write it!

These are two of many stories I could share but you get the point! I'm really touched to know that my music is heard and that it matters. I supposed I'm just like everyone and I often get swallowed by negativity. I try to stay positive and it is a daily battle.

From now on, I am the "Ambassador of Happiness." My job and my daily chore is to spread smiles and laughter around this crazy world. It's a big job but I'm gonna do it. I'm going to focus on the positive side of everything and I'm going to create some good energy wherever I go.

Sorry to ramble but this meant a lot to me and I just wanted to share it. Until I see you, keep smiling. If you need intervention, call the Ambassador of Happiness-a.k.a. me.


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