Sorry I've been lazy about keeping this blog up to date. Lois and I have been in a whirlwind lately. We toured Colorado in Late March/Early April. Got back to Texas on a Thursday and left for Spain on Saturday.

We spent about 5 days in Grenada, Spain and then rented a car and drove over to Portugal. We had a villa right on the Atlantic Ocean for 5 days and it was amazing. We returned to Spain and stayed a couple of days in Madrid. We got to hang out with my daughter Julie and it was an outstanding time.

Since returning to the states, we have been gigging pretty hard. We just finished up Billy's Ice, a Blues Fest and Fiesta in San Antonio with Seth Walker and other great bands, a night a Willie's place in Hillsboro, an afternoon at Gruene Hall, and an acoustic show at Guadapalooza with Keegan Reed, JR and Brandon Jenkins. It was a lot of fun. Hard to say what the highlight out of those nights was because they were all special.

We sold out of Amen to the Blues and are having to order another stock. I hate that when that happens. Not really.

Getting geared up for Summer. Got some great shows in Texas and Florida lined up so stay tuned. Like to welcome our new drummer AJ Mancabelli to the lineup. The current band configuration is really good, please Come see us.

I'll post some pictures of Europe later. I had all my photos on my iPhone which ended up lost so I'll have to get some pictures from Lois and Julie.

Thanks for your support,


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