Past Weekend

We had a GREAT SHOW in San Angelo at Sealy Flats on Friday night. Lots of old friends and new fans showed up and it was a party. I love that little venue. It has a lot of charm and is so much fun. Thanks to Rod and Denise for inviting us and putting us up at the "Blues Inn." The Blues Inn is a bed and breakfast that is attached to Sealy Flats and it is fantastic. The rooms are so nice and everything is top notch. You really should make a trip there just to stay at the Inn and hang out in town.

Then we went to Eisenhower Park in San Antonio for Music In The Park. This was a fundraiser for Cancer and Leukemia awareness. Barry, who put it on, did a fantastic job and hopes to see the event blossom into a huge annual event. We performed after Ruben V and had a blast. We got to catch some of Ruben's set and that guy is a for real guitar player.

This week, off to Lubbock to perform at the Spoon (Texas Cafe) one of my all time favorite venues. This week will be special because it is the Texas Tech/A&M Football weekend. Things will be crazy. I'll keep you posted.

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