Hard Week

This was an extremely difficult week for me. My dad, Wendell L. Strahan, passed away last Saturday, October 24 in Lubbock, Texas. He had been in and out of the hospital since Labor Day Weekend due to injuries he received in a car accident. We had to let him go last week in Lubbock and the funeral was last Thursday. I knew this day would come but I dreaded it and knew it would be hard.

Chances are that, had he survived, he would have not been able to walk. I'm glad he won't suffer anymore and I know he would not have wanted to live paralyzed. We will miss him dearly and will continue on working hard, smiling, and thinking positive just like he would want us to do. Wendell was almost 80 years old and still worked 6 days a week. Makes me smile big to think that he and Poodie are getting to know each other now and watching over us. I can feel dad around me and I see him in everything. I was so lucky to have the greatest father on earth.

I hope when I die that the people who knew me speak of my life like my fathers friends did of him. I heard story after story about how dad affected and influenced so many people, many of whom I did not even know.

The good news from all of this is that my mom, who was also in the accident, is healthy and strong. She will have a hard time adjusting to her new life style but I'm confident she will be ok. Thank God for my family who kept me going through all this. My sister, Jennifer, is amazing and my wife, Lois, is great. Without them, it would be impossible.

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