Exciting Things

Funny how some of the simplest things seem to excite me the most. We got our new koozies and they look awesome! Lots of different colors. We got pink, black, red, green, and a really cool neon green. Just in time for all you river rats and beach bums to put to good use. See what I mean, little things.

I'm trying to buy another guitar. I played this Gold Sparkle Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster a couple of months back and I cannot get it out of my head. Kind of the
"Lois" of guitars if you will. One dance and I was hooked. Yes, you can compare guitars to girls as long as you remember you can't sleep with the guitar and keep your priorities right, ha ha. Anyway, I made an offer on one today and am waiting to hear whether I will own it or not. I hope so. There were only 100 made so they are a little difficult to find.

Kyle Ortiz is back on drums with the band. I'm excited about that. He and Rob Fulton, the current bass player, are great musicians and family. We have fun and this will be a good sounding band. Maybe the best lineup yet and you know me, there have been a lot of them lately.

I'm writing new material, jotting down ideas, keeping my voice notes on the iphone full of spontaneous thoughts or melodies in order to get material ready for the next album. Sometimes I listen to those voice notes and say "wtf?" was I thinking. I still laugh at myself for becoming one of those songwriters that wakes up and rights something down because it's so brilliant. Give me a break. I write that stuff down so I don't forget it and then half the time I hear it back, it's not good. But the other half usually yields something good so I do it. I hope to schedule some studio time for early fall and get the album out around Christmas or New Years.

We have a lot of really fun shows coming up and a lot of new venues we are working on. There is a new venue here in New Braunfels called the Phoenix Saloon. I've heard great things about the sound there and so we are going to check it out this week. Stay tuned. Also, there is a new place in Fredericksburg we are working with to get some dates.

All is well here. Stay tuned. Look for us in your town and get out and say hey.


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