Creative Energy leads to Blessings

It's been a while since I "blogged." Just been too busy with life and songwriting. There are so many social networks popping up for artists that it has become a fairly large job just to keep up with them and keep them updated. We do it because the "experts" tell us we are gonna miss out if we are not on top of the newest trend and its the way to get our music out there. Sometimes I just want to say screw this, you can find me at one place But I don't, I keep on adjusting to the trends.

In addition to our website, we have facebook, myspace, adva, iLike, Reverbnation, mobbase, artistdata, sonicbids, twitter, bandcamp, radiofreetexas, lone star music, eventful, itunes, amazon, cdbaby, yahoo, google, etc. etc. The "Jeff Strahan" profiles that you see at these places were all created by Lois and I and they are all updated and maintained by Lois and I. I'm not whining but you get the picture. We spend more time on this stuff then we want to and they just keep on creating new ones. Now there is Ping on iTunes and I have to study it, figure out how to create the profile, and get it done. I'm determined to keep our business in house and close to my heart. I have input on every damn thing we do and I like it that way but it's getting to the point where I can't continue to govern it all. I'm learning to delegate.

I'm sitting in Durango, Colorado right now at the hotel watching deer cross the river and looking at the unbelievable colors of the trees. I feel great, I'm with my kids and life is great. I've been listening to and writing a lot of music lately. I feel rejuvenated and creative. I feel more like and artist again and less like a businessman. Lois created a space at our house for me to write and set up my studio again and I've realized that I have to always be writing and creating. If one of my social network profiles suffers a lack of attention because I was writing and creating then so be it.

If you know me, you know that my live shows are what I live for. I love to connect with a crowd and perform a "musical" show. I don't care about playing music that a bunch of drunk people can dance to. That's fine but it's not my thing. If my music makes you want to dance, that's great but I'm not playing brown eyed girl so you can put your moves on your new found mate. I like it quite!! I like for the words to be intelligible because that is what songs are about.

So, what's the point? The point is that I have new music and lyrics coming through me like forces from spirits past and I want to share the emotional aspect of that energy with you. I've got a new album in the works and I'm excited about the SONGS. My most popular songs have always been Superman, Montana, and Take Me to Texas. These songs just came out. It's not the style or groove that makes them popular. It's the energy that connects with people. These songs were not demanding on me as a writer. They did not take a lot of work. Some of them took a little time to organize and get right but the themes and messages just flowed. These songs are not mine. They just came through me from somewhere else but it's my job to capture them, recognize the force, organize it, and then present it to you. The reason they are powerful is because they have a life of their own. This is a new understanding for me but it's true and it makes perfect sense, even though it's a little out there.

So with that new understanding, I'm trying to treat every song on the new album as a force of it's own. I'm not forcing the melody, beat, lyrics, style, genre, or anything else. I've got a lot of songs that will probably end up done acoustically. A lot of these songs will not sound like anything you have heard from me before. But, they will all end up recorded because they flowed through me with an energy that could not be ignored. If I feel like I'm hung up and having to force a verse or melody, then I'll can it and move on to the next song. Should be interesting!

Music and art is very spiritual and when it happens we all know it. I see it all the time when I'm watching other artists perform. I can tell those that music flows through and those that force it. I feel it. When it's right, I get a lump in my throat and a pounding in my heart because it moves me. That's why a lot of times we attach the the most lyrically and musically simple songs. A song with one chord can be way more powerful than a song with a complex arrangement as long as the creative energy is relayed correctly to the listener. So that is the goal of my music from this point forward. I want to recognize the spiritual forces, channel them, and send them out through my voice and fingers to embrace you and envelope your senses. When that happens, you send the energy back through me and we all become "one."

After writing this blog, I googled energy flowing through artist and found this article entitled "The most powerful force in the universe flows through you." It is exactly what I'm talking about it. It applies to all of you because energy flows through us all. Take a moment, click the link, and read it, it will be help you understand a lot of things about yourself and others. I hope I can also do that with music and not with social network blasts about how cool I am.

Love and Thanks! I am blessed to have energy flow through me and then be channeled back at me.


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