New Home New Braunfels-700 yds to Gruene Hall

Well, Lois and I have purchased a house about 700 yards from the front door of Gruene Hall. We left Colorado in May of 08. We lived in the bus until settling in New Braunfels in August of 09. We had an apartment here in New Braunfels at the Landmark Lofts (a high rise really cool place) and wanted to be sure this is the town where we should make some roots.

The music scene here is what attracted us. Anytime we were on tour through Texas we would play Billy's Ice. The reception there was always amazing and the whole vibe in this community was like a magnet for us. We could have lived just about anywhere we wanted but we wanted to be in a music community. Well, this is it. This reminds me of Austin back in the late 70's when there were thriving original artists everywhere and plenty of places to play, and most importantly, plenty of music lovers to support the art!

We used to dream about playing at Gruene Hall and now we do it often and live right there.

Buying a home for us was like saying, "this is where we belong and where we intend to stay for a while." I love it here and look forward to our shows in this town because they are what music should be. We are so centrally located that tours to other parts of the U.S. are convenient. All locations in Texas are easy to get to. We have large airports in Austin and San Antonio, great mexican food, good friends, rivers, beach, etc. What more can you ask for? I can go down the street 7 nights a week and see amazing songwriters displaying their craft. We are indeed lucky and blessed. Thank you Texas, Billy's, Gruene, New Braunfels, and all the good people here!

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