Guess What?

September has been good to us. I have a freezer full of dove (only my possession limit Mr. Game Warden!) that I'm getting ready to make into Gumbo. I got to do a lot of fly fishing in Colorado. My family is all healthy and happy. Our tour of Colorado was great. The venues, crowds, people, weather, fishing, and scenery throughout Colorado were incredible. But I do love our new house here in Gruene and, I'm glad to be back home where it has now cooled off and been raining.

October in the Hill Country is amazing and we have a lot of cool shows lined up. Billy's Ice, Sealy Flats, Gruene Hall, etc. Check out for the schedule. I don't want to regurgitate our show lineup here but suffice it to say that things are going good for the band.

Our Wayward Son album has been getting airplay across the country. We are competing with people like Lucinda Williams, Buddy Guy, Cody Canada, John Hiatt, Steve Earle and other biggies on the Americana chart. We held our own between 150 and 200 on the chart. Not bad for our first run at radio and for this little independent label from Texas, it was pretty damn good.

I'm working on material for the next album and Guess What? It's gonna be greasy and bluesy. I'm talking Ray Charles here. I feel like putting out some happy blues music and the songs are coming together real nice. So far I've got titles like "She Only Hates Me When She's Drunk", "I Think I'm Funny", "You Look Like I Could Use Another Drink" and others. Trying to keep it light and humorous.

We are gearing up for the TexMex Fandango and Blues Cruise in January 2012. You should join us as we venture to Honduras, Cozumel, and Belize. (cruise details) We'd also like to welcome our newest bass player-Jimmy Hartman. He was with "Devil's Hollow" before and is a great addition to our ever evolving lineup.

Speaking of bass players, on Sunday, Oct. 9, we are having a fundraiser/tribute to my good friend Jay Hataway who has been battling cancer for a while. Jay played bass with me for a couple of years and we have known each other since High School. He is a true legend and played with greats like Jessie Guitar Taylor. Join us in our salute to Jay. (details on website)

I'm done ranting for now. Thanks to everyone that supports live music and to all those who are involved in keeping it alive.

God Bless,


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